Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi International Scientific Conference dedicated to Rustaveli anniversary celebration date.

October 27-28-29,2017, Zugdidid,Janashia str.N14

Themes of Conference:

Subjects related to Rustaveli and his poem

Ø   Language of Conference:Georgian,English.

Ø  Registration at conference is free.

Ø  All themes presented at the conference will be printed by Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi.

The rules and deadlines for the conference participants are the following:

Conference participants should represent the electronic version of their themes till 5.p.m. October 15,2017 according to the following rules:

·         The article should be presented in one of the conference working languages attached by English resume(amount of words in resume 160-170)

·         Key words: 5-6

·         The size of the article should not exceed 10 pages(included literature and sources)

·        The article is printed in Word,Sylfaen,font-size1.1 A4 format. Distance of margins should be 2 sm: above, below, right and left sides. Interval between lines is 1,15,each page should be numbered on the right side, below the paper.

·       Microsoft equation 2.0(2.1);Drawings,paintings, diagrams,schemes and etc.are in format TIFF 300dpi;600 dpi. Formulas should be typed in Microsoft Equation Editor  2.0(2.1)

·        Sources and used literature will be indicated at the end of the text;

·        The Article should be presented by no more than two authors.

·        The electronic version of the Article should be sent to the following

Design rules of the article and resume while presenting them:

·  The names and surnames of authors (in Bold font) are written on the right side above corner.Organization,academic degree and position is indicated with hyphen(in one of the working languages of the conference and in English).

·         The title of the Article should be in bold font after the 1 interval in the middle of line.

·        1 after 1 interval- Resume should be in English( with its title indicated)

·      After 1 interval-key words

·        After interval 1 – the full text of the Article should be in one of the working language of the conference.

The organizers of the conference leave their rights to select the articles in advance and to refuse its publication.

The articles which will be handed in with breaking the given rules won’t be reviewed for publication!

Contact requisites of conference organizational committee are:

  Address:Georgia,Zugdidi,2100,Janashia str.14. Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi,room N301

 All the participants will be informed about the changes in the conference at least a week earlier

Contact Person:

Khatuna Gogia E-mail:  phone number: (+995 93) 549 555 Head of Scientific Department of the Teaching University

Revaz Sherozia E-mail: phone number: (+995 599 27 45 92