26.11.2018 Competition for students

The Civil Service Bureau invites master students of higher education institution to participate in the competition "Young People for Development of Public Service".You can present your ideas before December 1, 2018.

20.11.2018 Competition for students

National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement announces competition for students in the corridor interior design! See the link below for detailed information.





14.11.2018 To the attention of students interested in additional mobility:

According to the order of the Director of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement N1008 of November 08, 2018 the terms related to administration of additional mobility process has been defined for the following categories:

13.11.2018 Competition for students
10.11.2018 Competition "Youth for Development of Public Service"

LEPL The Civil Service Bureau invites Master Students of higher education institution in the competition "Youth for Development of Public Service". To participate, please click/open the information link posted on Facebook page of Internship State Program :

31.10.2018 Attention to the Suspended Status ( not active status) Students

After the expiration of the five-year term from the suspension of the status the Suspended Status Students are automatically terminated. The Suspended Status Students can participate in mobility for one year from the status suspension.

18.10.2018 For students attention! Additional mobility is announced

The terms related to administration of additional mobility process were defined for the students of the following universities:

LTD- Ekvtime Takaishvili Highest Educational Institution

LTD-Euro Regional Teaching University

Ltd- Tbilisi Teaching University,

17.09.2018 University announces the registration of applicants for the vocational educational programs

LEPL Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi announces the registration  of applicants for autum term 2018 on  the vocational educational programs

                                                  Zugdidi Base

A)      On the bases of general eduaction