·       Shota Meskhia State Teaching University library is cultural-educational, scientific-informative unit which implements librarian activity using its funds and resources. It provides appropriate conditions for creating effective environment for learning and teaching process. Library ensures registration of library fund and creating catalogues.

·       Material-technical base, equipment and various technical facilities are owned by the university and they are used for its activities.

·       Library doesn’t sell books.

         Library functions and duties include:

·       Providing teaching, scientific and educational process with library documents (books, magazines, periodicals and other materials which can be found in the funds and resources of the library) 

·       Forming library funds

·       Management and effective use of library resources

·       Library service for individual and legal entities

·       Creating Alphabetical, thematic catalogs and updating periodically

·       Protecting book funds and resources from damage and destroying

·       Enrolling readers to the library

·       Helping people to select and use literature

·       Get the readers acquainted with their rights and duties as well as the rules of using library and catalogs

·       Doing library statistics

·       Providing photocopier service (the number of pages for copying from the books must not exceed to 10)

The head of the library-