Tamriko Gogia


From my childhood, I wanted to study at the university, but I did not think about where and what was the specialty. In parallel with the secondary school I began to study in college with the specialty of the secretary-reader, where I attended lectures in the second half of the day, which made me want to learn to the university in the future. In the last year of school graduation, I began to search for universities where I could study in business administration, in theoretically I found that I had a lot of choices. Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi was near my village and I decided to try to go there. In 2011, I entered the Business Administration and started my active and successful student life from the very first day.

I was an active student, after lectures I attended all possible training-seminars, participating in the projects, cooperating with NGOs, and I was actively involved in the activities related to civic education. In the parallel of the lectures, I did internships in some companies and in fact I was back home very later. I had a search process, I was interested in all areas and the university gave me the chance to learn in almost all areas, including many academic courses that I through I have all gone. In the meanwhile, I was invited to participate in the Erasmus Program, where I participated and completed the fourth course with full funding for study at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Thomas Bata University in Czech Republic. It was a great experience in my life.

Since the university has trusted me and I represented my university in the Czech Republic, I was mentally ready for it. While I was studying there, I often had to address a wide audience, make a report, business plans and make real export-import. Consequently, working with the audience was an ordinary fact for me. At the beginning of the seminars, students and lecturers felt the opening and the interest that made me very positive, so I did not have the feeling of fear and inconvenience. The professors from various universities of the world were brought by the Tomas Bata University in every week. I remember a lecturer’s words who was came from the University of Miami, who taught in Harvard University, He said to me:  "you should try entrepreneurship or orchestration, because you can do it very simple”.  As for the difficulty of learning, it was difficult, but I arrived in Georgia with all the credits done.

After arriving here, I was more open to the service, because if you can speak in English and have got education abroad is a good trick for the employers. I remember the words from the head of the Quality Service told me: "Wait and do not try to find the job for yourself, employers will look for to you." After the arrival, I wanted to get an internship in a financial position and got an internship in the audit company. At the same time I started working as a volunteer English language teacher, also at the NATO and EU Information Center and in the same year, I returned to Meskhia University as a Master student of Management program.  After that I was working as a leading specialist of the Vocational Student Base in the University. Then I got an offer from the “AgriGeorgia” which is subsidiary company of Italian company named “Ferrero”. Here too I have helped my knowledge of the university and the practical English language experience in the abroad. Today, I am one of the lucky girl who works at the Foreign Company, Budget Control and Monitoring Service department, which contributes greatly to the University. This is the beginning, because I want to apply for doctoral studies and I don’t plan to stop.

In my opinion, the road of success is individual for any person. First of all, No one should interfere with decide what, where and how to learn and to fight for the purpose. The greatest step is the right choice for the profession, values ​​and aspirations to succeed. Those young people who are already on the path of success are advised not to step back and broaden their viewpoint, to use all possible opportunities for development (even if they are not sphere) and to expand their relationship circle.