According to the order of the Director of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement N1008 of November 08, 2018 the terms related to administration of additional mobility process has been defined for the following categories:

- Students/entrants of Georgian International Teaching University of UniGeo, LTD Tbilisi Teaching University and Euroregional Teaching University.

- For the master’s degree candidates of LTD Tbilisi Teaching University, LTD Euroregional Teaching University,David Aghmashenebeli University of Georgia who have obtained the right to be enrolled at this institution as a result of examinations defined by the institution and General Master Examination in accordance with the established rule of the Georgian legislation.

For the category of students, who have obtained the right to enter the main educational unit of this institution or enroll in the educational program according to the priority registered on the Mobility Portal. Also for those students who have passed a twelve-month term from issuing the order on suspension of the student status.

Students interested in additional mobility can contact us for registration on the following address including November 28: Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi, learning process management service, first floor, room 114, Tel. 591 32 42 42; 568 85 56 61.