Misinformation, disinformation and critical thinking – fighting digital vulnerability On May 25 at 11:30-13:00 Georgian time


If you're feeling hesitant or anxious about what and who to trust online, you're not alone. How do you recognize false and out-of-context information that are presented as facts? How can you understand when you are deliberately being deceived or mislead? What to do when you feel anxious about the hate and extremism from online information?  

Here is good news: understanding misinformation and practicing your critical thinking is a skill and strength that you can improve. Moreover, solutions to these challenges require collaboration between the public authorities, CSOs, technology companies and the media. 

In this webinar, two Estonian experts, Herman Kelomees and Holger Roonemaa together with the participation of Georgian students, CSOs, journalists and public authorities are untangling the challenges posed by online misinformation with the reasonable and forward-looking approach that it necessitates. They will discuss the following: 

  • Understanding and managing how misinformation works 
  • Leading and thriving through uncertainty  
  • How to use and improve your critical thinking as an advantage 
  • Creating collaboration between different stakeholders 

About the speakers: 

  • Herman Kelomees is a journalist for Eesti Ekspress, mainly covering politics. He was previously a fact-checker for both Delfi and Postimees, Estonia's two main private news websites. 
  • Holger Roonemaa is the head of the investigative team of Delfi Meedia. He also oversees the fact-checking activities and misinformation coverage. 

The webinar is in English in zoom. 

Please register here by May 20: https://bit.ly/3VqUcRn

Upon registration, you will receive the event link. 

The webinar is organised by the e-Governance Academy in Estonia (www.ega.ee), in cooperation with Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) and is part of the DRIVE (Digital Research and Impact for Vulnerable E-citizens) Project supported by a grant from Luminate. For further details: https://ega.ee/project/drive/
Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information. 

Contact person: Gvantsa Nikuradze, 558 09 10 30, g.nikuradze@idfi.ge

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Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI)