Previous Mission of University


The mission of Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of   Zugdidi

To establish educational and employment environment for students, staff and other stakeholders according to the demands of the changeable labour market; to create educational programmes that are oriented on employment, learning and research integrity, as well as projects that support internationalization and short-term training/retraining courses.
To train/retrain/attract active members of society who are oriented towards the ideals of democracy and humanism, personal development, have professional and higher education suitable for the internal and foreign labour market, are competitive and high qualified staff.
To inspire the establishment of optimism and future belief, to contribute for the quality assurance constantly; to establish effective, flexible and rapidly developing educational institution that will have a positive influence on development and welfare of the country; to become a regional centre in the educational field.
Academic freedom
Personal and professional growth
Social responsibility
Social entrepreneurship