A famous Georgian historian and public figure, Doctor of History, Professor, member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, Shota  Meskhia was born on 27 April ,1916 In  village Obuji (current Tsalenjikha region)He graduated from Zugdidi high school, then Zugdidi forestry Institute. In 1933 he was enrolled at the Faculty of History of Tbilisi State University, where he attended the lectures of Ivane Javakhishvili, Simon Janashia, Shalva Nutsubidze and other famous Georgian scientists.His relationship with famous writer Leo Kiacheli and historian Simon Janashia  have played important role  to become  a future historian. After graduating from the University  Shota  Meskhia worked as a director of Kakhati Secondary School, then he continued studying at the Academy of Sciences, Institute of Languages,History and Material culture  of The Soviet Union Georgian Branch, Simon Jnashia led him to study the  history of artisenship the most important problem of the feudal  Georgian History.World War II temporarily hindered the work of the  future scientist. As an officer, he fought bravely in the Caucasian fronts, where he was severely wounded. After demobilization Shota  Meskhia continues scientific work and in 1942 Successfully defending Candidate Thesis on December 15, "Artisenship  in Ancient Georgia".

    At different times Shota Meskhia worked as a Senior scientist at the Institute of History, as a Doctor of History at the Tbilisi State University. 1951-1953 Shota  Meskhia is a doctoral student at the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union,supervised by the academician  Mikheil Tikhomirov. In 1955 on January 24 he successfully defended doctoral theses: Cities and urban system in feudal Georgia’. Since 1956 he was appointed as a Head of the Department of History of Tbilisi State University, Since 1961 - Dean of the Faculty of  History of Tbilisi State University, where he worked till the end of his life. During his chairing the cathedra of Georgian History became important center of research. Prof. Through the direct supervision of Shota Meskhia, there was not a single scientific session were arranged and many scientific publications were published.

Sh. Meskia was awarded the title of Honored Scientist in 1967 and was elected as a member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences in the same year. In 1971 Sh. Meskhia conducted a course of lectures on Georgian history in the German Democratic Republic at Friedrich Schiller's Yen University. This course was published in German. Prof. Shota Meskhia is the author of up to hundred scientific works, from which the important are : ,,Artisanship in old Georgia  (V–XII cc.), Cities and urban system in feudal Georgia , "City Communes in Tbilisi in the Middle Ages," "History of Tbilisi" (co-authored with Professor David Gvritishvili in 1952) "Battle of Didgori" (1965), "wondering Winning" ( edition 1972), "Из истории русско-грузинских взаимомотношений (X- XIIвв) (co-authored with Professor Iase Tsintsadze, 1958) Internal-condition of 12th century in Georgia" (1979)Publication of the scientifically researched text - Maternity  of Ksani Eristavi "Monument of  Eristavi" belongs to Professor Shota Meskhia. Most of his scientific works refer to the life and work of  Vakhushti Bagrationi, Niko Dadiani, Ivane Javakhishvili, Simon Janashia and Niko Berdzenishvili. Publishing of the first school textbook of Georgian history is a great merit of Sh. Meskhia's. Together with the historian Viktor Guchua he prepared the first school textbook in the history of Georgia that has played important role forming patriotic spirit of future generations.